Facebook advertisingYes, it’s important for every business to have a Facebook business page and to fully take advantage of social media. But be honest about this: how many roofers, lawyers, or car repair shops do you follow on Facebook? A hundred bucks says the answer is none. If you’re the exception, that hundred bucks was totally meant to be an example.

Service-based companies that we only visit every few years don’t tend to stay front-of-mind, nor do they usually hold our interest long. They’re necessary services that we wish we didn’t have to spend money on. Contrast that with an electronics retailer or a shopping site, things that get people excited about spending their money. No wonder your stump removal business page doesn’t have as much engagement as Apple or Amazon.

But that doesn’t mean you should abandon Facebook. You can still get the attention necessary to grow your business there, but you’re probably going to want to throw some money Facebook’s way. Facebook ads are relatively affordable, easy to buy and design, and highly targeted based on at least 17 possible specific characteristics. They’re the perfect answer to your Facebook woes.

Keep in mind that these ads are not necessarily going to skyrocket your follower count, but they will grow it. Relatively speaking, as a service that probably serves a limited area, how many Facebook followers do you think you’ll really have anyway? A few hundred? Maybe 1,000?

If you post an ad through your page (which is against the rules, by the way), only about 15 percent of your 133 (or so) followers are going to even see it thanks to Facebook’s algorithm. Even if you’ve hit the 1,000 mark, that’s 150 people who have already liked your page, meaning they’re probably fairly recent customers who won’t need your service again for a while.

The Facebook ads will reach exponentially more eyes, and they’ll be the eyes of those who are most likely to be in a situation which requires your services, either now or in the near future. This is thanks to the already mentioned, specific targeting that’s built in to the ad-building process.

Once you decide on the length and frequency of your campaign ads (which determines your cost, of course), your ad will be fed to people who meet your preset criteria and who Facebook thinks might need you based on what they’ve said, liked, searched for, etc. And most importantly, they’ll be people who live in an area you service.

Using Facebook for business marketing is more viable now than it’s ever been, but with that success has come a real-live business model and part of it is business clients buying ads. Get used to it and add it to your budget. We’ve seen over the course of hundreds of campaigns for clients how successful they can be using Facebook Ads. So, we’re suggesting this strategy based on experience, not on theory.

The result is you’ll get more real customers faster and build your following — and therefore your presence — on Facebook. The more engagement you get, the more people see your posts.