Since the end of 2015, more people in the US have been accessing the internet via mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets, according to communications and marketing website

This is important for marketers and small businesses to pay attention to. For anyone offering online services, whether it be websites, blogs, or social media pages, or even advertisements on one of those platforms — the platform has officially changed. It is now more important to be fully optimized for mobile, no matter what platform you are on.

Website navigation, pictures, text, and website loading speed are all taken into consideration in the shift to mobile. Have you ever noticed a website that just doesn’t quite work correctly on your phone versus the internet? This is what we are talking about! And have you ever left that page specifically because it wasn’t working properly?

It is that moment of frustration, when a web page built for a desktop or laptop doesnt work properly on mobile that loses potential consumers. We want consumers and potential clients to stay on your website or blog as long as possible.

Design and interface need to be ready for the mobile world. This means, when a small business is designing their website, they need to be sure it is optimized for mobile — meaning when the website is viewed on a phone, it works well, looks good, and is easy to navigate. Even when a website is “mobile responsive,” that does not always mean it will look good and be equally as functional.

On mobile websites there is significantly less space for information, pictures, menus, and advertisements. Yet all of these are important aspects for the consumer’s experience on your website!

To make this happen, text needs to be larger so it is easier to read, menus need to be more concise and accessible so that consumers can find the information they are looking for, pictures need to be smaller so they can download without any problems, and advertisements need to be more graphic-based and contain less text.

Sending emails on trains, shopping on your phone while at the park, reading the news on your tablet while in the kitchen — we are all doing it! But let’s remember at the end of the day, we still go on our laptops and desktops too. Yes, it is becoming more important to get your business up and running for mobile, but it is to work in conjunction with your current online efforts, not instead!

Of course, we are the experts here and we know that making your business mobile-ready is no easy task. Want to talk about it? Call us for more information, free tips, or even a free consultation to see how your business is currently doing.