Yes, we are full-speed ahead in the digital age. Digital media is an easy and effective way to reach an untouched clientele, but traditional media should not be overlooked.

Television, billboards, radio, and print marketing and advertising have been a staple in building huge companies throughout the decades. But what has changed since the 1940s when newspapers were booming and were the easiest way to reach new clients?

The traditional media platforms have stayed relatively the same, and new ones have been added. With the rise of digital marketing, large corporations and small businesses alike need to make sure they use both traditional and new media for best results.

Traditional media drives digital media.

There are many ways that traditional media drives digital media. From a hashtag campaign on bus advertisements, to URLs on billboards, to “follow us on twitter” on print advertisements – both traditional media and digital media are here to stay, and they work best together.

Print advertisements can be used to direct potential clients online to your company’s website or social media channels, where they can interact, gain information, see pictures, watch videos, and even read reviews of your work.

This is a great way to gain exposure and even save money. Instead of paying huge dollars for national print ads, spend on smaller local publications directing interested clients to your online presence – one that we can help you build and maintain. We can help you with local print advertisements, too.

Through print media you can also promote online feedback and conversations. It’s as easy as saying “comment on our Facebook page to tell us what you think.” This will direct people who see your print ad to your Facebook page, where they can then click to your website and view products, read testimonials, or even book an appointment.

Now that we have given you a huge tip – traditional media drives digital media – we are happy to help. It is not easy building an image for your company while using both traditional and new media. Daily Digital’s team of experts is ready to help you get started.

Here at Daily Digital we have the advantage of being partners with, and located within, the Daily Journal’s Kankakee office. We can provide our clients with packages that include both traditional and digital media to adequately attract new audiences. Give us a call today and get your business noticed.