Content marketing is the easiest way to get customers involved with your organization. Instead of ignoring print advertisements, scrolling past Facebook ads, and ignoring your website, customers will want to get involved if you post great content.

Rather than updating your company’s Facebook status to “Cookies on sale today,” try posting the recipe on your company’s blog, and posting that link on Facebook with a picture saying “Fresh baked cookies, find our special recipe here.” That way potential customers will click to your website for some great content.

Now of course, content marketing works best in conjunction with traditional techniques like ads, but trust us,  content marketing has earned our attention and rightfully so. This consumer­engaging type of marketing can be used on and in all platforms including websites, print, email, and social media campaigns.

Without giving away too many of our secrets, here are some quick tips for reaching consumers across the various platforms:

1. Print

Print advertising is the fire and fuel of marketing efforts across the globe. Whether it is magazine or newspaper, print advertising can be overlooked by potential customers. Think about it! How many times have you received the Sunday paper and immediately thrown away the ads stuffed in the middle? Unless you are looking for something specific like a coupon, you probably don’t spend that much time in the ad section.

A different approach to print marketing is content marketing through sponsored content. How does it work? Easy! Just call your local or national paper, place an ad, and instead of the typical advertising techniques like “sale” or “stop by today,” write a meaningful article about something that is relevant to consumers. If you are a veterinary clinic, a good article about the outbreak of the latest virus carried by fleas is sure to get consumers attention.

2. Social media

For social media, you can be a little more fun and creative. Articles yes, and guess what! They don’t even have to be yours. You can share articles written by professionals that are relevant to your business. Think about your personal profile. What kind of content do you post? It is that some kind of material that engages potential clients.

3. Websites

Have you ever found yourself on a website because of a cool blog post? A good example would be “13 coffee art photos that will roast your brains,” for a local coffee shop. I mean come on! Don’t you want to see those 13 different coffee designs? The potential customer clicks that link, and BAM, they are on your website.

4. Email marketing

Instead of constant emails about promotions, or other offers, try an email newsletter twice a month. The newsletter should also have meaningful content, like photos, stories and links.

Now that we have given you some tips, how is your business doing with content marketing? We know that all of this is time consuming and difficult, especially for people who don’t have their own marketing teams — that’s why we are here. Daily Digital is your solution for all your marketing needs.