With the visual web continuing to gain popularity and mobile officially overtaking desktop, integrating compelling imagery into your social media marketing is a must. Many companies have been able to grow their social following, increase engagement and reach, and drive conversions with Facebook photo contests. Here’s how.

Set Goals

Determine what you want to accomplish. While photo contests are great for increasing engagement and generating “Likes,” if you’re more interested in driving conversion, then it’s important to set up and execute the contest with that goal in mind.

Choose the Right Setup

A number of elements will affect the success of your contest:

  • Official or unofficial contest. Official contests utilize a landing page and signup form, while unofficial contests simply count things like likes and comments. Official contests are great for measuring increases in conversion and engagement but are more complicated to set up and tend to require larger prizes. Unofficial contests are quick and easy to set up and are great at driving engagement but don’t typically drive conversions.
  • What are you promoting? Are you trying to get people to post about a specific product or line, or do you want to promote the lifestyle that’s associated with your company to increase brand awareness? This will determine whether you ask people to submit photos of themselves using your products or photos of the lifestyle that your products help them enjoy.
  • Make it easy. The amount of effort required to enter your contest should correspond to the value of the prize or prizes you’re offering. If you want people to submit high-quality, carefully styled images, you’ll need to offer a bigger prize. If you’re asking them to simply upload snapshots from their smartphone, then smaller prizes will suffice. Either way, make sure that the steps required to submit the photo are as simple as possible so you don’t lose people in the process.
  • Pick the right prize. Offering a generic prize like an iPad or an Amazon gift card might increase the number of entries, but are likely to attract people who aren’t actually interested in your company and are just after a freebie. Choosing a prize that is relevant to your product or service will attract potential customers.
  • Decide on the length of the contest. People have short attention spans. Two to four weeks gives people enough time to submit their entry without running the risk that the contest will be forgotten or overwhelmed by other Facebook content.

Converting Leads

There are a few options for turning contest entries into conversions.

  • “Thank you” page offers. Create a “thank you” page so that people know their photo has been properly submitted. This page is a great place to make a special offer to those who have entered as a way of saying thank you and to prompt them to check out your business. Unique promo codes are ideal so that they can’t be shared with people who didn’t enter the contest. Put a time limit on the code (24 hours is good for many businesses and products), to prompt people to act right away and increase your conversion rate.
  • Confirmation emails. In addition to the “thank you” page confirmation, sending out an automatic email gives you another opportunity at conversion. Keep things short and sweet with these emails by thanking entrants for participating and prompting them to visit your site with a clear and relevant call to action. This is also another opportunity to make a special offer to get them to visit your site.
  • Newsletter opt-ins. As part of your entry form, always include an option to opt-in to your email marketing. Gaining new email addresses is priceless because you own your email list and don’t have to spend money boosting a Facebook post to get these people to see your messages. After the contest is over, send an email to thank people for their participation and give them a taste of what they can expect from your future emails. This can be your latest blog post, a current sale on your website, or (once again) a special offer.

Facebook photo contests are a great way to improve your social media marketing results. With careful planning and quality follow-up, you’ll enjoy plenty of ROI. For help setting up your next Facebook photo contest, contact Daily Digital. We will work within your budget to create a photo contest that achieves your business goals and generates measurable ROI.